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Just setup the Keurig/Cold water unit at Logan Charles Salon. #weloveit amazing people thank you for recomending this!!!
Bill L. of monroe, MI
Thursday, October 1st
After talking to Water Boy and the "other big boy water company in the field", I noticed the huge difference in attitude when talking to the two companies was like night and day. The other company really made me feel like I was a bother to them and they really were not interested and almost trying to blow me off and I should just take their word for everything they say, write a check and be done with it.  Why? Because as they told me,  they are the "biggest company in the field". Snobby might be a better word. I simply did not like that experience at all.So we decided to have a whole house water softener and Reverse osmosis system installed by Water Boy. In addition we had them install an ozone cold water wash system on our washer.Every part of the experience was fantastic!  They totally take the time with you to be certain you get the correct system for your home (and I asked a lot of questions). The entire experience from the very first contact was as friendly and professional as you can get and the installation, sales, and office people were great.This is a family owned business and it is very clear that customer service and going out of their way to make certain customers are satisfied is of their primary concern. And it is very easy to see that they totally enjoy what they do. A whole home system can be a considerable investment and with that in mind, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Water Boy Systems to anyone.
Edward P. of Monroe, MI
Monday, March 16th
Water Boy put my system in my new house over 3 years ago and we couldn’t be happier with our water quality! I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks for the great water treatment system!
Luke K. of Ida, MI
Thursday, October 1st
Incredible water softener and reverse osmosis system!! Absolutely the best we have EVER had. The service was excellent and the entire team was very customer service oriented. The system has greatly reduced the hard water build up on all of our bathroom fixtures and we no longer have hard water spots on the dishes coming out of the dishwasher. Also,our family enjoys good tasting water. In fact, I never thought our sons would love to drink water.I can say this has been one of the best day-to-day investments we have ever made. Thanks, Water Boy Systems!
Brandi H. of Belleville, MI
Tuesday, January 14th
waterboy came down to us in perrysburg Ohio and put in a softener and reverse osmosis system. great work, attention to detail, and prices. great to work with and great people.
Nick S. of Perrysburg, OH
Wednesday, March 27th
Made my water drinkable. It tastes better than the other bottled waters out there and saving money. No more plastic bottles.  
Cathy K. of Temperance, MI
Wednesday, January 22nd
Just what I expected from a local business. Prompt service while being very professional. Grant and Dillion were both a pleasure to work with. I will be coming back for all of my softener needs.
Jeremy B. of Samaria, MI
Tuesday, August 7th
Love my new system and my installation went great.Mike had a little challenge with old pipes and a small space in garage but did a good job this guy work hours getting it right ! I highly recommend Water Boy System 
Robin M. of Lambertville, MI
Thursday, August 15th
I have always had good experiences when dealing with this company.  A couple times now, Adam from Waterboy has come to my home to work on water-related issues.  He arrives promptly, assesses the problem, and fixes it.  Very personable.  Very informative.  Would definitely recommend this service.
Phillip H. of Ida, MI
Thursday, October 1st
I can’t say enough good things about the team at waterboy- knowledgeable and patient to explain the process and needs based on in home water assessment and great follow-through. They are prompt, professional and great people all around. Even install day was smooth and fast. After two days with our new system we are incredibly pleased.
Rob P. of Ida, MI
Thursday, September 19th
We have had your service for 6 years now, and never have had a problem. Adam use to come out and my wife and I really enjoyed his plethora of knowledge The guy is a walking set of Britannica. In which my wife always enjoys Adams stories and thought. Mike showed up at house today and went above and beyond just as Adam has but he didn’t have All that useless knowledge. But Mike does amazing work you should feel very lucky to have a employee Knowledge on the service call. Culigan is not aloud in my house as long as Adam and Mike are our service teaks. David and Char B. Love waterboy
Dave B. of Petersburg,, MI
Wednesday, March 25th
Prompt, polite, and very accommodating! Very nice people here that seem to care about your business. So glad I called you for my new water softner! Thank you!
Katie B. of Dundee, MI
Saturday, March 17th
We had them treat our sulfur water and now we have useable water!!! Very happy with the customer service.
Shannon K. of Milan, MI
Thursday, October 1st
My family recently got a system installed in our house to help with iron and hard water as well as reverse osmosis. Even when an issue with the system happened, they came within hours to help restart the system and change where the water flowed. Staff is very kind and we'll continue to use in the future!
Marissa S. of Saline, MI
Tuesday, September 15th
After dealing with Culligan and feeling like I was lied to by their salesman Zeke from start to finish, I found out that their lifetime warranty program has a lot of holes in it. I was also told my water had way more iron than what was true or accurate, so he could sell me more of their junk. My softener ran for about 3 months and they charged me $200 to uninstall the unit. BEWARE OF THEIR LENGTHY CONTRACT!!! Water Boy saved me! I had Cody and Brandi come out and test my water for free and discovered I had a lot less iron than what Zeke said. It has been a few months now and I could not be happier with my Reverse Osmosis unit and my softener. Definitely recommend Water Boy Over any other company!
Tanya E. of Ann Arbor, MI
Monday, April 22nd
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