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Water treatment is important in no matter where you live. In order to get quality water in your home or business, you will need high-end filtration supplies such as filters.

Water Filters and Cartridges

Filters remove free chlorine and organic chemicals that contribute to taste and odor, but your clean water process doesn’t stop there. Filters also provide highly efficient particulate filtration with a dirt-holding capacity of five-micron nominal sediments. Click here for more information on our specialty solution filters.

Common filtering supply options include:

  • Reverse Osmosis Filters –  Used in conjunction with your building water pressure, reverse osmosis filters trap contaminants as the force of the faucet pushes the water through a multi-stage filter process.
  • Whole House Filters –  A whole house filter is needed for filtration systems that hook up to your home water supplies, providing quality water at every faucet. This filter will be connected to your main water line.
  • Cartridges – Water filters work best when changed regularly. Keep your water flowing freely with cartridge replacements for multiple filtration systems.

And filters aren’t the only supplies available. Additives can provide solutions for hard water, smelly water, high pH, and more.

Water Salts and Softeners

Salts are one additive that works to soften water. These salts are added to a tank in your filtration system to create a saline solution filter, called a brine tank. Salts come in multiple forms, including block salt, rock salt, and pellet salt. These products can be purchased in individual quantities or in bulk. Click here to learn about our salt delivery service.

You can also soften water without salt. Not everyone is able to use a salt softening system, but there are additional solutions available. Water conditioners can help treat hard water, and different chemicals additives can help sterilize your water supply.

Some available water treatment supplies include:

  • Assorted Salts –  Popular salt varieties including Solar Salt and Durabcube Salt. These products are part of an effective brine system for water quality. These salts are created through evaporation, using a method that filters our many of the impurities of other softening salts that can clog your water system.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide works to purify water over a wide range of pH and provides the added benefit of working without leaving behind any chemical traces. Ideal for systems with high sulfur or “rotten egg” smells.

Don’t confuse filter salt with safety salt though! Seasonal Safety Salt helps melt snow and ice, preventing slips, falls, and even mechanical issues.

Drinking Water Solutions

When a faucet or building filtration system isn’t an option, there’s no need to settle for lower quality drinking water. Bottled water options can suit your needs instead. 5-gallon containers provide a great dispenser option for businesses and homes too — or perhaps you’d prefer a water cooler.

Quality water provides countless health benefits. You will gain peace of mind by knowing you can eliminate contaminated water from your life — plus it tastes great too!

Meet all of your Michigan and Ohio water filtration needs with quality supplies from trusted manufacturers. Check out our full list of supplies and discuss how we can use these to help you install and maintain your filtered water system.

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